Date:December 17, 2012

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Not every carpet cleaning company is the same. Some companies don’t use professional cleaning products, they don’t train their technicians correctly on how to clean and use equipment, and they charge extra for things that should be included. At Certified Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, we use the best cleaning products in the industry, all our technicians are certified and trained and our cleaning service includes the following at no extra charge:


Pre-Spot of particularly bad spots with a concentrated biodegradable cleaning agent. It is similar to pre-spotting stains on clothing before washing them.

Pre-Conditioning the carpet is a process where the technician spays a biodegradable cleaning solution that breaks up the grease, oil substances and heavy soil within the carpet. This solution is completely safe for people and pets to breathe or walk on.

Deep Steam Extraction (also known as “hot water extraction”) This process is what cleans your carpets. This is the most important part of the cleaning and if not done by a professionally trained and certified technician you carpet could become over saturated. We use the most powerful truck mounted extraction system available.

Spot-Treatment – Treat any stains we come across during the cleaning process, except red stains and pet treatments, which we can provide at an additional cost.

Furniture Placement – Move light furniture, clean that area and put back on plastics and Styrofoam when necessary.

If you have sensitivity to any chemical cleaning products, please ask about our organic cleaning products.

Rug Cleaning

Quite simply, if it’s a rug, we can clean it. We are versed in a variety of cleaning methods, and prefer the hot water extraction or steam cleaning method; however, not all rugs are suited for this method. Being an Oriental Rug Cleaning Expert begins with an expertise in rug identification. Proper identification is key to learning how the rug can be expected to react in the cleaning process; Will it bleed? Does it need to be dried flat? What materials are in its foundation, and is it prone to shrinkage? Are the wefts continuous, or was it cut off the loom? Is it tufted? Glued? Can it be rolled? Are the dyes stable? Is the pH off??? The list goes on and on, but what’s important is the cleaner knows what to expect before any cleaning begins.

We may not be able to use every process on every rug, but every rug has a method for cleaning.

If you have sensitivity to any chemical cleaning products, please ask about our organic cleaning products.